Did you just crack your screen or dropped your smartphone into a bucket of water? Wondering how to fix your damaged device? Are those misconceptions on smartphone repairs stopping you from visiting a technician? Fret not. All you need to do is learn the truth to know the reality!

mobile phone repairs in KentIn an age where everyone is dependent on their mobile phones, living without these devices is indeed difficult. While getting an immediate repair is often recommended by professionals, there are users who believe on those common misconceptions and rumours. Since a delay in getting your device may lead to further damages, availing smartphone repairing services at the earliest can save you time and money. It is here that learning the truth behind each of those common myths comes to the picture!

Still confused whether to avail professional services? Then take a look below to check the reality!

Dispelling The 5 Common Myths On Mobile Phone Repairs

1. Repairing A Cracked Screen Is Not Necessary

Whether you have dropped your device on a driveway or it just slipped from your hand and landed on the floor, delaying it from immediate services can be your biggest mistake. While some think it only affects the look of a device, that’s not true. Taking your cracked device to a reputed technician is imperative to save your smartphone from further damages like internal damages, touchscreen sensors and backlight issues.

2. Uncooked Rice Can Avert Water Damages

One of the most common myths prevalent among smartphone users is that uncooked rice can save their device from water damages. Well, reality is that putting the device on a bowl of uncooked rice can cause more damages. The starch residue and sticky sugar from the raw rice can speed up the corrosion instead of slowing it down.

3. Users May Lose All Information And Data On Their Devices

Another misconception often believed by smartphone users is that they can lose all their vital information once they deposit their devices to service centres. Well, this is not true. With reliable and renowned mobile phone repairs in Kent, you can be free from the fear of losing your information. The highly-qualified technicians back up your entire device before repairing it so that you can store all your information back onto your device easily.

4. Repairing Services Take A Long Time

There are some who even assume that repairing a device takes a lot of time. Well, with well-known specialists by your side, be assured of repairs within a few hours. These skilled technicians even offer same-day services at your convenient location and time. Thus, there’s no reason to delay your mobile screen repairs in surrey!

5. Cell Phone Cases Are Meant For Looks Only

No, cases are not meant for looks only. These cases protect your device from damages so that you are saved from paying for unwanted repairs. Be it scratches, drops or bumps; a case can prevent several damages.

Now that you are aware of the reality, what are you still waiting for? Find a reputed technician and start availing some exceptional services!