An as iPhone user you must surely be aware of the numerous advantages offered by the device. Not only does the model have a sleek design but even features like fast browsing speed has made it one of the most trusted brands among residents of Dorking and Leatherhead. You have the option of choosing from around 8 lakh apps, a majority of which are offered completely free of cost. The high price of the device is almost negligible as compared to the features offered by it. Owing that device is always a matter of pride for every owner. Problems arise when issues start surfacing.

iphone repairSigns To Approach A Company Offering iPhone Repair To Replace Your Faulty Battery

    • The Battery Is Dead

Did you accidentally drop the device from your hand or was it soaked in water for a longer period of time? There’s no doubt in the fact that the battery is dead. There will be no lights, no sign of power or sound even after being charged. Though repairing the battery is something that is impossible, getting it replaced is the only way out.

    • Only Shows Power While Charging

If the functionality of the battery has deteriorated, it won’t be capable of powering your device from the stored energy anymore. Though it may power up while being connected to a power source, it will shut down soon after. All you need to do is switch it on after the charging has been completed and check the battery level icon.

    • Charge Exhausts Quickly

There are times when the device shows a full charge after being charged for the recommended time span but it dies within few hours. If you are estimating the time span during which the phone was functioning properly, make sure to consider your usage as well. Having a battery which exhausts quickly is indeed a headache as you always have to keep the device plugged in or carry a power bank.

    • The Battery Feels Hot

Though it is quite common for rechargeable batteries to generate heat while being charged, the majority of the batteries internalise the generated heat. So, if you feel that the device is getting noticeable hot from the exteriors, it’s high time you start looking for a reliable company offering iPhone repair in Dorking and Leatherhead.

    • Bulging Batteries

If the battery of your device has been affected, there are high probabilities that the internal cells will rupture and you can notice a prominent bulge on it. All you need to do is simply hold up the battery and a bulge can be noticed on the casing. You can also place it on a flat surface and try to spin it. If it does, there is definitely a bulge on it.

Though getting the faulty battery replaced from an authorised service centre is a cool idea, it can actually punch a hole in your pocket. The best is to approach a reliable iPhone repairing centre in Dorking and Leatherhead and fix the issue.