The iPhone 7 is a device that has seen many improvements from the iPhone 6.  The deeper you delve into; you will find many improvements that have been made to the latest version. The camera with dual speakers and the water proof body are the flagship features for the new phone; however, simple issues may kill all the fun in the iPhone 7 and ruin your mood forever.

iPhone repairingHere are the common problems faced when using an iPhone 7 along with the potential fixes and workarounds:

1. The headphone jack: Apple decided to reinvent the headphone jack and is relying on the standard port for the charging and listening to music. You have to use the Lightning port and cannot charge the phone when you are using the headphones. There could be some workarounds, but there is no solution that works in the long run.

The workaround: There is an adapter that comes with the iPhone 7 in the package. You could also snag a Bluetooth adapter or even go wireless.

2. The hissing sound emanating from the iPhone 7: Many iPhone owners complain of the hissing noise that comes from the back of the device. The sound becomes more apparent when an app or a game is running. This means that the processor is running overboard. This could also mean that the phone is under a lot of stress.

The workaround: There is absolutely no fix for this in an iPhone repairing shop in Kingston. If the phone is troubling you big time, you need ask the retailer for a replacement fast.

3. Poor battery life: The battery for iPhone 6S was not as good as the 7th version. The iPhone 7 has a larger battery along with a far more efficient A10 Fusion chip. The battery often drains out with no resolution in sight.

The workaround: you can update to iOS10.3.2 and your battery will be updated in no time. You can also head to Setting>Battery and turn on the Low Power Mode to stretch the battery even more. You should be able to turn off the applications that seriously ruin your battery.

4. Not being able to activate the iPhone 7: If you are receiving messages about the troubles of accessing the server, Apple must be simply struggling to cope with the volume of people that are trying to access it.

The workaround: Do not use the cellular connection and switch to Wi-Fi instead. Try turning the phone on and off by pressing and holding the Sleep or the Wake button and then drag the slider to turn of the device.

5. Poor phone quality and speaker problems: This is a common problem faced by many when opting for iPhone repairing in Surrey, Croydon, Wimbledon. There are many threads in Apple’s discussion forums where iPhone owners have reported this particular problem.

The Workaround: Try and go to Settings>Sounds and then drag the Ringer and Alerts slider to raise the volume. You can also check the Ring/Silent switch on the side of the phone and set it to Orange and Silent.