Have you recently dropped your phone from your pocket? Are you rattled by the prospect of a mobile phone repairs in Surrey? Are you scared that the pocket pinch may be huge and buying a new phone expensive? While most handsets are not meant to be repaired after a wreck and fall, it may sound apt for you to undertake a few repairs you could do yourself than buying a new phone! While most handsets, especially the smart phones are not built for the repair works, you need to have the right tools and the best know how to go for a screen replacement or a complete overhaul!

mobile screen repairs SurreyHere are the 4 smartest DIY phone repairs that can prove to be very handy:

1. Plastic pry tools: In case, you are going for a mobile screen repair, the most important tool you would need is a plastic pry tool. These are quite cheap and can be bought for less than two pounds. The pry tool helps you to separate the parts of the phone board and also cases the plastic around the phone. Fixing a broken screen or going for a screen replacement is cheap and simple. You should disassemble the device and then go ahead and repair it. The glass and the digitizer (the layer that translates your tap as an input) are often fused together. This makes the unit pretty expensive. You can thus buy an expensive phone and replace the glass and the digitizer or one of the other in time.

2. Replacing head phones and jacks: If you are introducing headphone jacks to a device, chances of it failing are high! Head phone jacks are not motorized and the contact points on the phone may be bruised and stressed. Once the device is opened, the latest all in one designs in smart phones are more susceptible for changes. You need to plug the headphone to self contained units in the motherboard of the phone or even to the speaker assembly.

3. Screwdrivers for mobile screen repairs: If you have a sharp tiny edged screwdriver, a mobile screen repair in Bromley is easy. Begin with opening up your phone and have a look at the electronic components. No matter what the damage, you can unlock the phone and have a look at the electrical board. Your phone is made of many screws and if you can open and tightly screw them well, it will of immense help. In addition to regular screwdrivers, I phones require special screws that standard sets do not have. This is done so that unauthorized repairs are not done on the phone. You need a good hardware kit that helps you open up the phone box.

4. Loose and stuck buttons: like the headphone jacks, buttons too can be replaced as most hardware buttons can be swapped with software updates. A lot of these buttons are attached via the cables to the motherboard and are delicate. You need to re attach the new hardware and check for software updates!

No matter what the phone scare, a tool kit and some necessary know how is all that you need for your phone to work wonders in the days to come. These DIY tips may just end your phone woes!